Barbie Bridal Shower Theme

You have so many bridal shower themes to choose among. Some are more traditional while others tend to be unusual and selected due to the preferences or the interests of the bride-to-be and her friends.

A Barbie bridal shower can be a wonderful event for ladies to get together, be feminine and have fun.

What makes the Barbie bridal shower different? It is cute, it is very ladylike and it will make a group of ladies feel even more feminine and attractive. All organization efforts have to focus on choosing the right types of decorations, food and favors.

Girly, Girly, Girly
As its name suggests, the Barbie-themed bridal shower has to be exceptionally girly. All aspects of it need to speak about femininity.

Choose colors that are traditionally associated to the female beginning. Red and pink are two that come to mind immediately. You can choose other pastel shades that will transform the venue – purple, green or yellow.

Textures can be utilized, as well. Choose lace and semi-transparent fabrics that will transform the place into a type of boudoir.

Get as many flowers, as possible. The nuances selected have to correspond to the overall shade you have chosen for venue decorations. Roses, tulips and hyacinths will look great as bouquets and table centerpieces.

All Pink?
When thinking about Barbie dolls, many people imagine pink everywhere. Should you stick to the tradition or come up with something alternative and more unusual.

All-pink decorations for a Barbie bridal shower will be ok and fitting the theme. Yet, you can choose anything you like and that will help you convey the message. A Barbie bridal shower is a celebration of femininity and womanhood. This theme can be recreated in a number of ways.

Cake and Food
The most outstanding aspect of the party will be the Barbie cake. A Barbie doll is used as the main decorative element of the cake.

The edible part of the cake can come in the form of the doll’s dress. This is the most popular option that you have and that the majority of stores will be offering. Making a Barbie bridal shower cake by yourself is far from complicated, as well.

Food can be used to speak a bit more about the theme of the party. The manner in which meals are decorated and the ingredients used will be your most important tools.

Choose pink icing for cupcakes or have something fun and intriguing written on them. Pink cocktails and punches will also enhance the theme.

Have a number of salads and appetizers available for the needs of the guests. Keep foods healthy and suitable for ladies who know how to look good and how to maintain a nutritional regime.

A Barbie bridal shower can help the bride-to-be and her dearest friends return to their childhood. Keep that aspect central to the theme. Have fun exploring opportunities. This theme is slightly naïve and very cute. It carries a wonderful sensation and some memories. You will need some creativity and your memories to organize a wonderful bridals shower for your dear friend or loved one.

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