Around the Clock Bridal Shower Party

If you’re considering being the hostess of a bridal shower sometime soon, you’ve probably put some thought into a theme.  One theme that is popular is the around the clock bridal shower.  This theme lets the bride have a bridal shower that will give her a chance to relax from some of the wedding stress.

The way the around the clock bridal shower works is that the bride’s and grooms’ day is sectioned off into different periods of their lives.  The sections are usually categories which relate to everyday activities of the bride and groom, like TV time, cuddle time, breakfast, dinner, snack time, bath time, and others, throughout the entire bride’s day.  One the invitation, the wording can clue the guest in to which particular time they should provide a present for.  That way, no two guests will worry that they are bringing the same thing as another, each guest gets a hint as to what sort of stuff they should look at for a present, and every present is specifically thought out by the bride’s friends.

One of the greatest things about the around the clock bridal shower is that the gifts that are given to the bride will be especially usable.  Too often, gifts that a bride will receive will end up in the closet after the party, or given to a charitable cause.  This theme of party will make sure that every gift the bride receives will be tailored to enhance a moment in her life from one of her treasured friends.

Another method to enhance the around the clock party is by the inclusion of timers as party favors to guests.  Each guest will have a kitchen timer at their seat with a name on it.  When it comes time to open presents, a game can be played with one of the party favors.  Set it without informing the guests or the bride.  When it goes off, whomever’s present the bride is opening at the time wins a small prize of their own, like a scented candle or some bath salts.  Little games like this will keep everyone excited, and since everyone gets to keep their timers, everyone will go home happy.

Even if one of the guests happened to buy their bridal shower gift before the invitation, it’s likely that it won’t affect the actual gift-giving process.  The other gifts are all specifically aimed at a time in the bride’s day, after all.  Just open it up with the other gifts, and remember that everyone is really there for the bride.  This isn’t just a day to congratulate her and give her gifts, it’s also a time for her and her closest friends to get together and have some fun!

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