Bridal Shower Autograph Plate

When you come to think about it, every type of bridal shower gift has been invented. Party stores and other shops offer so many present options that it becomes difficult to be original, unique and innovative.

Sometimes, it happens to be impossible to come up with a practical gift – the bride-to-be is already living with her future husband or you are facing budget limitations in terms of purchasing a bridal shower gift.

The option that you have in such instances is something innovative and original. Such gifts can be very memorable and affordable at the same time. A bridal shower autograph plate is one of the most fun and intriguing bridal shower gifts that you can get.

What is a Bridal Shower Autograph Plate?
The bridal shower autograph plate is, well, a simple plate. It looks like a plate, it feels like a plate and it functions like a plate.

Its purpose and decorations make this plate very different from typical tableware. This piece is usually presented during the bridal shower. The plate is given to each guest. People sign their names and write something cute, fun or emotional that will help the bride-to-be remember this beautiful celebration.

The bridal shower autograph plate is a wonderful gift opportunity because it turns out to be occasion-specific each time.

Such plates can be purchased from party supply stores alongside pens that will be distributed to the guests. Decorating your own bridal shower plate is another wonderful option that you can make use of. The plate that you draw will be one of a kind and an even more special gift.

Bridal Shower Autograph Plate: Tips and Tricks
Purchase a bridal shower autograph plate that comes in pastel colors and that is easy to write on. You can even select colors that correspond to the nuance of the bridal shower decorations. Talk to the hostess in order to find out what the best color scheme is.

Choose permanent markers and the ones that are designed for writing on glass or ceramics. These markers will be more long-lasting and the plate will remain intact for many years after the bridal shower.

It is important to remind the bride-to-be that the plate should only be cleaned from dust. Washing it may damage the writing or may cause it to fade.

Making Your Own Bridal Shower Autograph Plate
This unique gift can be created at your own home Purchase ceramic or glass plates. Thermal hardening paints for tableware can be used to make a very unique autograph plate.

Choose the right shades. You can also write the name of the bride-to-be and her future husband. Finish the decorations by including the date on which the bridal shower is taking place. Now the plate is ready for guests to write on.

Once guests have written their messages, you will have to let the plate dry and you will have to place it in the oven in order to preserve the writings. Make sure you get instructions and that you know what oven temperature to use.

A bridal shower autograph plate will be unique and special each time because it will resemble no other gift. In case you lack other ideas, you can make use of this one, giving the bride-to-be something wonderful and emotional to always have near.

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