Unique Bridal Shower Themes

Choosing unique bridal shower themes require just a bit of creative inspiration and should revolve around the personality of the bride.  Some knowledge of the likes and dislikes as well as hobbies and interests of the bride-to-be would be important for matching her very unique personality with the perfect but unique bridal shower theme.

Make this portion of the bridal shower planning fun and compile a long list of probable themes, narrow the list down to a favorite three, then choose the one that has the most depth and the greatest scope for each element of the bridal shower.  The chosen unique bridal shower theme should have enough room for development in the following areas: decorating, invitations, dress-codes, gifts, favors, games and menus.  During the elimination process, bear in mind that the whole event will revolve around this theme and there should be enough activity to keep the bride and her guests entertained for the duration of the bridal shower party.  Good bridal shower themes are all around and as long as the process above is followed then you’ll know when you’ve thought of a winner.

The first thought on hearing the word unique would be to toss out all the popular run-of-the-mill themes like the kitchen shower, lingerie shower, around-the-clock shower, alphabet shower or the beach shower.  These well known shower ideas could still be used but with some clever twisting, they could be re-vamped and re-named to produce unrecognizable bridal shower theme masterpieces.

If the bride is a television or movie buff, why not choose the name of her favorite movie, sitcom, soap, drama or comedy as the bridal shower theme like Drop Dead Diva (a good excuse for a spa or pampering bridal shower), Project Runway (for a bride that fancies fashion, dress designing or strutting on the cat walk), the Bold and the Beautiful (for the wife-to-be who would be entertaining and in the spotlight) and Ace of Cakes (spin off of a baking themed bridal shower).  For a general theme based on the film industry the following names could be given, Hollywood bridal shower, Night at the Movies bridal shower and Celebrity and Soap Opera bridal shower.

For the YouTube enthusiast or the bride who adores the hype surrounding the music and recording industry, a music themed bridal shower would be a real treat.  There is plenty of scope here to focus on one genre of music, on one particular artist’s music or a mix of different singers.  The dress-code would fit the music genre or could be like the guest’s favorite singer.  What would a music bridal shower be without music playing in the background and a Karaoke machine for the guests to sing by request all the pre-selected songs?  A valuable keepsake for the bride would be a live recording by the guests of her favorite tune.  This bridal shower theme may become a little noisy, so the bridal shower venue chosen should be appropriate.

How about a famous women bridal shower theme?  This theme would work well for all ages of the women attending a ladies only bridal shower, from the great-granny to the teenager in the group, each guest would be able to emulate a woman who they think is famous and inspirational.  The decorations for this theme could be based on the bride’s color scheme or a reflection of the famous lady that the bride would be portraying.  Bridal shower gifts or gift cards could be based on any of the famous women’s known favorite items like makeup, wine, shoes, perfume, a lingerie line, useful gadget, recipe, restaurant, movie, coffee or even department store.

When choosing a unique bridal shower theme, there is no limit to the ideas that can be created.  Take old ideas, mix and match parts of other bridal shower ideas which are interesting and create a whole new shower party idea that the bride-to-be would always remember with a smile and her guests would speak fondly of, for a long time afterwards.

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