Bridal Shower ABC Theme for Your Party

The tradition of a wedding is on its own a cause for celebration, as evidenced by the many parties that go on before the wedding itself.  Often, individuals who live out of town have to travel to be a part of the bride and groom’s lives before the wedding itself.  For these folks, and the close friends and family of the bride herself, there exists the bridal shower.  This tradition allows the friends and family of the bride to “shower” her with their affection and gifts to indicate their approval of the wedding.

Ordinarily, the maid of honor and the bridesmaids plan this party.  It’s not the sort of thing that the busy, overworked, stressed bride plans herself.  One way these party planners can enhance such a party is by having it at another location, like at a country club, a restaurant, or a bar.  In order to make the party the epic shindig it should be, the ladies planning can use a theme.  One theme that allows guests to exercise their own individuality while still providing some guidance in the proper gift would be the bridal shower ABC theme.

The bridal shower ABC theme starts off with invitations going out to all the guests that will be coming.  On each invitation is a capital letter written in bold.  The invitation itself will indicate to guests that this letter is their own letter, and that they should bring an item that fits that letter to the party for the bride.  The invitation should also remind guests that the letter should be the first letter of an item that is related to the wedding or honeymoon.  This allows every individual to be sure that their item will be a unique gift to the bride, and lets them interpret the letter however they want for lots of individuality in the selection of the actual gift to give.

Games that have to do with the bridal shower ABC theme could include games like the ABC game, which has the letters A to Z listed on a sheet of paper that every guest has, and they have to write words that are related to the wedding, reception or honeymoon that starts with each letter of the alphabet, within a time limit.  The girl who writes the most on-topic words will win some little prize, like a scented candle.  Other prizes can be given for the most imaginative word, or the word that best fits the activities of the bride, or for other things.

Having a themed bridal shower can make it a lot easier to organize, plan, and delegate the individual responsibilities of a bridal party.  When a party has a theme, everything else can be built off of it, from the outfits that can be suggested to people, to the food and drinks that can follow that theme, to the actual gifts that the bride receives at the party.  By adding a theme, the actual costs of the party can be cut, too, since only decorations and planning ideas related to the theme are invested in.


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