Around the House Bridal Shower Party

Even though such themes as naughty and nice themed parties can be fun to have, it’s important for the hostess to remember that the bride has to have a good time at her party.  Because of that, the woman who will be hosting such a shower should consider multiple different types of showers before settling on one.  Other themes exist that can provide a lot of fun to the bride and guests, like the around the house bridal shower.

While it is similar to other bridal shower themes, the around the house bridal shower gives guests the opportunity to provide things that the bride and groom will need in their home.  The way it works is that the different rooms are listed, and then each guest will get one room of the home that they need to bring an item for.  It’s a nice way for gifts to be individualized for each guest, and also for the bride to have a whole lot of practical items for her home.

It’s important that the wording on the invitation be proper for the situation.  Without being demanding, indicate to guests that this is a themed shower, and then let them know how their particular part plays in, with them providing a gift for a specific room.

This theme is sure to be enjoyed by the bride.  A woman who is getting married will need lots of items for her new home, no matter the size of it.  By providing the capacity for domesticity, her friends have the opportunity to make an impact on her new life as well as helping to fill her home with items that they have picked out just for her.

The tables in the room the party is being held can be decorated in this theme as well.  Pick a room from the house, like the kitchen, and then put items on the table that would be in the kitchen, like a pot holder, some seasonings, or a wine opener.  The table can really be decorated to indicate most any room in the house, so the planner should consider what the guests and the bride will find most appropriate and fun.  If there are multiple tables in the room, different themes can be used, allowing guests to gravitate to whichever table fits them better.

One of the best things about this theme is that the bride and groom will be able to use the items that they receive from the bridal shower.  They are sure to appreciate whatever it is that they receive, especially since the gifts are geared to fill their future home with joy and love.

The last thing to remember is that not every guest will wait until after they receive the invitation to buy a present.  This is not an important thing in relation to making sure the bride has a good time, so be sure to just include their gifts in among the rest, and hopefully everyone at the party will have a wonderful time with this theme.

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