Travel Bridal Shower

With the constant evolution and mutation of the world, the concept of bridal shower is also ever-changing. In this fast-paced era, the travel bridal shower has become trendy and immensely popular due to their versatility, uniqueness and innovation. However, with so many ideas floating around, you may often get confused when it comes to planning a travel bridal shower. Here are some fun and thoughtful tips and ideas that you can incorporate when you are planning your travel bridal shower party.

The first step of any celebratory occasion that contributes to a memorable event is the invitations. For your travel bridal shower party, your invitations should resemble any objects that will instantly remind the guests of traveling. For instance, invitations portrayed as luggage tags, airline tickets, passports, VISAs and various other objects. You can also use postcards depicting various foreign scenarios. Not only is it aesthetically appealing but you will also save some money on postage. Another unique idea is, you can purchase very miniature travel luggage and fill it up with the invitation, candies, toys and other goodies and send it to the guests. This idea is sure to create lasting impression the guests’ minds.

Once the invitations are on their way to the guests, you should start planning for an appropriate location. For the location, you can choose a venue that is inspired by one or several variables such as the couple’s honeymoon destination, the venue where they got engaged or perhaps a place where the bride has always dreamed of visiting.

Once the location has been selected, it is time to allow your creative juices to flow and start decorating the chosen location. Decorations can be based on the destination(s) that you are tending to feature. For instance, if your decoration is based on the couple’s honeymoon destination, the opportunities are vast. For example, if the couple is planning to go to France as their honeymoon destination, you can incorporate decorative items that reflect some well-known landmarks of France. For instance, your centerpiece can be an Eiffel Tower constructed from glass, wood or any other construction materials. Eiffel Tower is a global symbol renowned as not only the symbol for Paris but also love. You can adorn your walls with maps of France or world renowned French paintings such as of the Mona Lisa. You can also incorporate the map of France as the tablecloths.

You con construct your menu on the basis of your chosen destination(s). For instance, if you want to create a French-inspired menu, the possible options are numerous. For appetizers, you can serve an elegant fruit and cheese platter, tapenades, brochettes, breads and various others. Drinks should include some fine wine and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Your main courses can include dishes such as cassoulets, bouillabaisses, quiches and various others. Dessert items can include soufflés, crepes and various others. If you want to incorporate different other cuisines to inject more variety, feel free to do so.

Travel bridal shower evokes the emotions associated with traveling. If you are looking for a unique bridal shower event, you can opt for the travel bridal shower.

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