Toasts and Speeches

Being the one in charge with the bridal shower also means that you have to think about bridal shower toasts and bridal shower speeches. Probably some of the guests will want to make a toast or a speech for the bride. Still, you can’t count only on that and you need to be prepared with a nice toast and speech. When it comes to the bridal shower toasts, you should keep it short, but you should also try to say something sweet and funny. Here is a short toast that will help you make an idea on how they should look like:

“It might be a little had to share you best friend with someone else. Still, I’m glad that (name of the bride) found (name of the groom), because they are just so perfect for each other. I wish them all the happiness in the world and I want you my dear (name of the bride) to know that you can always count on me.”


As for the bridal shower speeches, just think about something that comes from your heart. For example, you can tell a story about the bride and about the way she met her groom.

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