Summer Bridal Shower

Summer is one of the most vivid and vibrant times of the year. Summer enhances the natural splendor of nature. If the bride loves the warm sun, blue skies and the smell of fresh cut grass, then a summer theme bridal shower is the perfect way to echo her personality and start her new beginning in life. If you are planning a summer bridal shower, here are some creative and fun ideas to make it memorable and special.

Invitation is the first step towards the destination of making your bridal shower special. You can send invitations which will instantly resemble or remind the guests of summer. The picture of your invitation can reflect the location of your bridal shower party. For instance, if the venue is a garden, then your invitations can depict a garden scene.

Once your invitations are on their way, you should start planning for an appropriate location for the event. The best venues suited for a summer theme bridal shower party is the outdoors. Depending on the size of the guests and the bride’s preference, the venue can be a garden, lawn, beach and so on.

When you have finalized the location, it is time to get your creative juices flowing and start decorating your venue. Decoration options are literally limitless. No matter where the location is, you can decorate several wooden buckets containing water bottles to quench the thirst in the heat. The water bottles can be personalized with the guest’s name. If the venue is a garden, lawn or a yard, then you can use colored paper lanterns to adorn the trees. For the tables and other areas, you can use fresh floral wreaths and/or bouquets, floating candles designed in the shape of butterflies, animals and so on. The tables and chairs can be covered with fresh colored linens. The beauty of the flooring can be magnified using flower petals. However, if the venue is big and you want to use real flower petals, then this can be costly. If the bridal shower is taking place in a beach, very little decoration is required. You can decorate the chairs and tables similarly.

With the summer theme in mind, the drinks and food should be refreshing. Your drink’s menu can include fruit smoothies, fruit cocktails, lemonade punch, different types of teas and so on. A unique idea is to set up a lemonade stand where the guests can be served lemonades. The lemonade stand can include lemonade pitchers and glasses of different shapes, colors and sizes to enhance the beauty. To make the lemonade stand more beautiful, it can be decorated with flower bouquets, flower wreaths and so on. The lemonade stand can be your bridal shower centerpiece and the highlight of the bridal shower party. For food, you can include items such as seafood platters, different types of salads and so on. Desserts can include cakes, fruit tarts and so on. The idea is to create an all-round fresh and refreshing menu that is worthy of summer.

A summer theme bridal shower offers flexibility and versatility. There are a lot of options available that you can incorporate into your party. The outcome will be a memorable bridal shower party that the guests will never forget.

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