Something Blue Bridal Shower

A Something Blue theme bridal shower party exudes a sense of chic, elegance and sophistication that is simply unrivaled and unparalleled. For a trendy fashionista bride or someone who has a soft spot for blue color, a Something Blue theme bridal shower party can be the perfect way to reflect your unique flair for fashion. If you are planning to throw a Something Blue theme bridal shower party, here are some unique, innovative and creative ideas that are sure to contribute towards the creation of a special and historical bridal shower party.

When you are thinking about decoration ideas to enhance the beauty, you are subjected to unconfined usage of creativity and imagination. You can create a refreshing and vibrant blue haven by decorating the location using wreaths and bouquets made of blue flowers like Gentian, Blue Tulip, Blue Orchids, Brookside Hardy Geranium and various others. They will create an exotic feel and a fragrant atmosphere. Attaching silk linens and sumptuous fabrics on the wall will elevate the beauty and elegance of the venue. You can also opt to hang blue banners embossed with a message created from cut-outs of aqua shimmer paper. If you are using multiple banners, you can relay a short story about the bride. Each banner can be appropriately decorated and designed on the basis of the part of the story that it relays. Depending on the size of your bridal shower location, the story can be read from the top to bottom or from left to right. For the table, you can set out luxurious blue tablecloths, light blue napkins and your basic set of cutlery. The tablecloths can be sewn with pearls in order to enhance their aesthetic-appeal and beauty. For the table centerpieces you can purchase an elegant candle-stand and fill them with blue candles of various sizes. The beauty and elegance of the candle-stand can be magnified by simply tying it with a blue silk ribbon. For your solo bridal shower centerpiece, you can purchase a large gold-rimmed silver stand and embed them with ostentatious embellishment items such as gemstones, crystals and rhinestones. You can place a lavish item on the top of the stand such as a luxurious pair of heels, a crocodile-skinned purse, a sapphire-studded handbag or any such luxurious and ostentatious item. You can also have a photo booth set aside where memorable, quirky and fun photos can be taken and therefore, capturing the historic moments forever. The photo booth can be decorated with various blue props.

For the menu, you can incorporate relatively common items but make sure to present them in a delectable and memorable way. For instance, you can serve your appetizers such as popcorn in blue paper cones. For drinks, you can serve milkshakes containing an edible retro blue and white straw. You can also use elegant blue boxes of various shades to create a unique stand and placing lavish looking desserts like blue cupcakes and chocolates wrapped in blue metallic paper can turn out to be the highlight of your bridal shower party.

For a bride who has unique fashion flair, a Something Blue theme bridal shower party can be just the perfect way to showcase your elegance and style.

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