Easy Bridal Shower Appetizer Ideas

One of the keys to a successful and memorable bridal shower is good food which means a well thought of menu. A menu which is well planned should have appetizers served. This part of the meal tickles the guests’ taste buds prepping them up for the main course.

There are a few bridal showers that don’t serve anything heavy like a main course but serves only appetizers. Some people don’t like this idea but more often than not, guests prefer a light meal especially as a way to relax and spend some time bonding with friends and the wife-to-be. Here are a few appetizer ideas to serve the guests during the bridal shower.

Fruit Tray

A healthy way to celebrate the wife-to-be’s new chapter in her life. Guests watching what they eat would prefer this over the other appetizers soaking with cholesterol. For a quick preparation, just slice fruits up like strawberries, grapes, melons and pineapples. Sprinkle on some fruity liqueur, for instance, Triple Sec which has a cherry flavor to it. Serve on a tray together with bridal themed toothpicks or forks. If you have time to spare, soak the fruits in liqueur for at least two hours. Soak up more flavor by marinating them with the liqueur overnight or even longer if possible. This will spike your guests’ treats making the party extra fun.

Dairy Tray

There are endless possibilities on how to serve this tray. Simply throw in a bunch of dairy treats like cheese sticks, ice cream sandwiches or cheesy nachos. The more diverse and interesting the treats are, the more it will encourage your guests to chat amongst themselves. This is the type of bridal shower appetizer that is flawless. Just be sure none of your guests are lactose intolerant.

Veggy Tray

Another great idea for appetizers, especially for those who watch their diet, is going green with a veggy tray. Decorate your plate with different vegetable of different colors. Like green, red, orange and yellow peppers. Slice up some carrots for carrot sticks. Add in a little more color and variety by adding slices of celery and cucumber. For a little salty flavor, throw in green and black olives. Don’t forget the different flavored salsas or dips for these finger foods. Exert a little more effort by tossing a salad placed in a huge salad bowl on a tray with little bowls or saucers surrounding it.


Meat Tray

For the meat lovers, have a meat tray prepared. Not everybody enjoys eating vegetable treats. Similar to the dairy tray, there are endless possibilities on how you can mix and match different kinds of food. Impress your guests with an impressive platter of cold cuts, fish croquettes, dumplings, or bite sized chicken cordon bleu. Your limit is your creativity!

Appetizers don’t necessarily have to be served to compliment a main course. It could also be served as a stand alone meal. This is even preferred by most people since they have a number of variety and flavors to choose from, chatting will come naturally and fun will be uninterrupted.


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