Pink Bridal Shower Theme

… And the color is … pink!

For all those fanatics who just love pink, the pink bridal shower idea is simply to die for. Pink is such an ultra feminine color that it is a wonderful choice of color to have as a theme for a bridal shower. There are no mixed up bridal shower color ideas where the groom is in attendance, the pink bridal shower is only for a special pink-loving lady who has all her female friends and relatives over to celebrate her upcoming wedding, with a whole lot of romantic and invigorating pink. The bride-to-be can even attend with a temporary hot splash of pink in her hair!

For a pink bridal shower, the image on the invitation is not as critical as other bridal showers, as long as the pinks on the invitation are appealing and the guests are reminded that the dress code and gifts for the evening are all going to be either pink or wrapped in pink to reflect the theme, then the invitation is an easy fix.

The venue and setting for the pink bridal shower can be made equally appealing whether the event is held indoors or outdoors. The bridal shower decorations can use a mix of flowers, balloons, ribbons, streamers and table cloths, bridal shower decorations and shower favors that contrast the wide range of pinks and pink patterns like pink candy stripes, hot pink, pink and white polka dots, fuchsia, pink marble, pink floral and pink gingham.

Some wedding planners may opt for strict adherence to a rigid color theme like pink and black or pink and chocolate or pink and green. The choices are still endless but leaving a wide open pink décor with the mix and matched pink patterns, should provide a more refreshing wash of color that leaves every eye searching to analyze the pattern and color tone in every item seen.

The guests are then free to find novel gift ideas that support the color of the theme, while the bridal shower favors and the table settings can also be unique and appealing in pink. Adding to the pink décor would be a side bar dessert table that highlights cakes, candies, pastries and treats in various pink colors, with drinks being served like pink lemonade, pink grapefruit juice, pink fruit punch or champagne, martinis or wine with a pink blush.

A pink bridal shower quiz game with twenty questions could have answers all with the words pink in them or the guest could sing a few lines to a song with the words pink in the lyrics like “Pink Toenails” by Dixie Chicks (the reward in this case would obviously be pink nail polish!) Pink Bridal shower games would be rewarded with fuchsia colored lipsticks, pink compact mirrors, pink nail polishes and mini eye shadow kits in pink or any similar item packaged in pink gift bags or boxes that reflects the ultra feminine part of the pink bridal shower theme.

Dora the Explorer first aired in the summer of the year 2000 to a pink loving woman’s world and has been producing pink and purple obsessed little girls for the last eleven years. The revolutionary pink bridal shower idea is expected to still be a favorite for at least another eighty years!

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