Lingerie Bridal Shower

A lingerie theme bridal shower party is the sure-fire way to bring on the blushes and giggles. It can be a great way for women of all ages to bond and truly enjoy each other’s company and have a wonderful time. This is a theme which shouts informality and casualness. If you are planning a lingerie theme bridal shower party, here are some fun and creative ideas that is sure to help you create a wonderful and special bridal shower party.

The first aspect of the lingerie themed bridal shower party, or any other function, is the invitation. Appropriate invitations can be those that are depicting vibrant and fun lingerie or shaped as a bra, panty or any other undergarment apparel. For the final touch, you can attach a lace. This will help to set down the tone. Mentioning the theme is also a proper etiquette that should be demonstrated. Since the guests may opt to bring lingerie as gifts, it would be appropriate if the bride’s lingerie size is also mentioned in the invitations.

For the lingerie themed bridal shower party, a private area can make for a great venue. This can be a room of a resort, club house or a resident. If the number of guests is small, a bedroom makes the perfect choice of venue.

Since it is a “girl’s only” bridal shower party, your decoration items should be girlie and be able to create an intimate and casual atmosphere. You can decorate with day-to-day items like big pillows, giant stuffed animals and flowers of various girls. Using scented-candles and dim lights will create a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere. Hanging sumptuous fabrics and long scarves on the walls will give an exotic feel. Balloons of various colors and shapes also make a great decorating item. Balloons symbolize a very festive occasion. A separate make up or vanity table containing different colored lip glosses,  lip-sticks, eye-liners, nail-polishes and mascaras can be set aside. It will bring the girlie side out of the guests and soon, everybody will be having a wonderful time.

When you are constructing your menu, make sure to incorporate fun dishes. Your drinks can be champagnes, wines and various others. Appetizers should consist of light items such as finger-sandwiches, spring rolls, prawn cocktails, canapés, fish and chips, quesadillas and various others. A variety of dipping sauces can also be made accessible. Main courses items can be those that the bride prefers such as roasted lamb, grilled tuna with sautéed vegetables, crispy salads and various other can make for a great main course dish. For desserts, chocolates are a must. Chocolates not only taste delicious but also the most popular choice of aphrodisiac. You can create a chocolate platter containing many different chocolates or you can incorporate them into other dishes like cakes, éclairs, cupcakes and various other delectable dessert items.

A lingerie bridal shower party is a very casual and informal event with many pleasant and naughty surprises incorporated in them.

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