Hawaiian Bridal Shower Ideas

Hawaiian bridal showers are a celebration of the music, life and culture of the people from the tropical islands of Hawaii. Every Hawaiian bridal shower theme can be different, revolving around one or more aspects of the Hawaiian lifestyle that appeal most to the bride-to-be.

To jump start your creative juices, here are some words and phases to ponder on, that reflect the Hawaiian lifestyle: blue oceans; coral reefs and seashells; sandy beaches; sunglasses; sandals, flip flops and swimsuits; beach umbrellas; coconut and palm trees; straw skirts; pink flamingo birds; hibiscus flowers; flower leis; pineapples and coconuts; cantaloupe and watermelons; mangoes and oranges; tropical fruit slushies; macadamia nuts; pineapple upside-down cake; mahi mahi fish; blue lemonade; hula and limbo dancing; banana hip swinging and coconut racing games; citronella candles and tiki torches.

The first order of business would be choosing the venue which will directly impact the bridal shower decorating. Hawaiian Bridal showers are reflective of hot summer days and many people opt to have the festivities held outdoors like on a beach, a wide open lawn or garden or by a pool. Although this theme can be held indoors, it is not as practical to recreate the natural vegetation of a Hawaiian tropical setting in a room. By now you may be suspecting that this Hawaiian bridal shower theme would work wonderfully where both the prospective bride and groom are in attendance, as it sets an easy going and lively atmosphere with friends of both parties being present.

A mid-morning or afternoon Hawaiian bridal shower, if held at the beach, would be similar to a family fun day with beach football and volleyball included. The snack and bar menus would be different and more tropical fruit drinks like pina colada, mango-orange blends and tropical fruit snacks would be served. Bridal shower gifts and favors all depend on the direction of the theme and the time of day the event will be held.

Dressing for a Hawaiian bridal shower would vary only slightly depending on the time of day the shower is held but swimsuits, flower leis, straw skirts and hats, Hawaiian print shirts and cargo shorts or long pants are close to the mark. The Hawaiian custom of placing a flower behind the right ear of a single woman and a flower behind the left ear of the married or taken woman should bring its own fun. The bridal planner should try not to get them mixed up!

It is wise to choose the designs and images on the Hawaiian bridal shower invitations last. The wording on the invitation would be very casual like “Bring your flip flops and join (bride’s name) at her Hawaiian Luau Bridal Shower”. Designing the invitation last would give enough time for the organizers to determine which aspects of the Hawaiian culture are being portrayed before committing the ‘real’ theme and images to paper.

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