Bridal Shower African American Theme

Even though it can be daunting to prepare for a bridal shower, especially when the bride has very specific ideas about what she wants, the hostess still has to try her best to provide an enjoyable party experience.  Sometimes, it’s the theme that the bride herself actually says that she wants for a party like this.

One example of this would be the bridal shower African-American themed party.  This type of party can be thrown even if both the bride and the groom are not of African-American descent.  Especially if a number of the guests are African-American than this type of party can be perfect.

To host this type of party, start with the invitations.  There are websites out there that specifically offer themed invitations, and there are sure to be plenty of African-American themed ones available.  It might even help to talk to the bride about her specific likes and dislikes before the party, in order to get through all the available ones.  The invitations should be filled with the time and date of the party, the bridal shower African-American theme, the venue, and of course, the name of the bride.  Ordering online like this should have your invitations to you within the week.

The next step for his style of party is to find appropriate party favors.  There are plenty of African-American themed party favors out there and the task is to find one that also fits in along with the specific theme of the invitations.

The next thing to look at would be finding some bridal shower African-American themed games that can be played at the party.  There are a number of suggestions for games online, and talking to some of the friends of the bride might yield others that would be fun to play.  Make a list of the best ones, and print out the instructions so no one has any problem picking them up, and being able to play.

Last, the décor needs to be settled on.  Just because it’s a bridal shower African-American theme doesn’t immediately mean jungle.  In fact, that doesn’t even apply for most parties of this sort.  Instead, consider the food, drinks, and the music that will be at the party.  The African-American heritage has strong traditions regarding food and drinks that are specific to their ancestry, and presenting them at the party is one excellent way to give a feeling of immersion in the theme.  As well, traditional African-themed music will open the floor to dancing and set the mood for the party.

One of the most important things when planning a bridal shower is to forget the traditional, and embrace the specifics that will make your bride’s party wonderful.  The important part is removing the stress from her right before her big day, and giving her a chance to relax and have one last hurrah with her friends and family before being tied down to matrimony the rest of her life.

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