Fall Bridal Shower

During the fall season, the atmosphere radiates with a rich and transfixing aura of red, yellow, orange, burgundy, brown, gold and other deep earthy colors. In collaboration with numerous family holidays, it is easy to see why the fall season is such a highly anticipated season for a large number of the people. Whether it is due to the fact that your bridal shower party is taking place during the fall season, you are inclined to nature or for any other reason you decide to incorporate a fall theme, here are some unique and innovation to ensure the creation of a special and monumental bridal shower party.

The first significant aspect of a bridal shower party is the invitations. Invitations set down the tone and mood for the upcoming party. Incorporating fall themed bridal shower invitations for your fall theme bridal shower is customary, if not compulsory. Any invitations which are reflects the celebration of fall colors such as burgundy, gold, red, orange, brown and yellow can all make for beautiful invitations. Your invitations can also contain any iconic images of the fall season such as pumpkin, gourd, fall leaves, fall flowers and various other symbolic images of autumn. For an added touch of beauty and sophistication you can glue or sew faux fall leaves, flowers and fall colored beads.

Depending on the size of the guests and/or the bride’s preference, an appropriate venue for the fall theme bridal shower party can be anywhere from an indoor location such as a hall, resident, resort to an outdoor location such as a patio, lawn, garden or a backyard.

For decorating the chosen venue, the options available to you are wide and numerous. To start it off, bouquets and wreaths constructed from fall flowers, fall leaves, dried red berries and dried grass will lead to the creation of a soothing, refreshing and vibrant atmosphere. You can also carve out the flesh of pumpkins and fill them up with various colorful fall flowers and lanterns and hang them up to create an ethereal and exotic atmosphere. The walls and ceilings can be adorned with fall colored fabrics and linens. The tables can be laid out with fall colored tablecloths, gold chargers and gold colored or wooden cutlery and napkin holders. The tables can be decorated with gold beads, faux or real silk fall leaves and wire-stemmed metallic fall leaves to further heighten their sense of beauty. You can finish it off with metallic fall leaf confetti. This will create a dazzling effect to the table.

The fall season offers a rich bounty of fresh seasonal produce which can be integrated into your menu. For instance your list of appetizer can include pumpkin salad with polenta and roasted pumpkin seeds, sweet potato fries, turkey sandwiches with cranberry spread and various others. The main courses can consist of a spiced pumpkin soup, grilled turkey with apple-cider gravy and various others. Desserts can include pumpkin pies shapes as fall leaves, cupcakes decorated in fall colored icings and various others.

Celebrating the wonder of nature, fall theme bridal shower party can be a beautiful way to celebrate such a historical milestone event.

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