Fairytale Bridal Shower

For the bride who loves to be pampered, has a whimsical side to her personality or loves fairytales, the bridal shower party entails a fairytale theme. This is the perfect theme to treat her like the princess that she truly is. If you are thinking about doing a fantasy theme bridal shower party, here are some unique and creative ideas and pointers that is certain to lay down the fundamental basis for the creation of a wonderful and unforgettable

With the quantity of fairytales being literally endless, it would be appropriate if you select a particular fairytale which will tend to serve the reference point for all the aspects of your bridal shower. This will ensure that all the aspects are cohesive and complement each other. The first important aspect of the fairytale bridal shower party is the invitations. Invitations set down the tone and mood for the upcoming party. For a fairytale bridal shower, the primary objective of the invitations is to completely awe the guests. For instance, if your choice of fairytale is Cinderella, the exterior of your invitations can be luminescent satin in a silver blue color. The wordings can be done in an enchanting silver letters. The invitations can portray one or more iconic images of the fairytale such as silver slippers, tiaras, pumpkin carriages and various others. By gluing luxurious embellishment items such as gemstones, rhinestones and sparkling crystals, the beauty and the whimsical nature associated with the invitations can be further elevated. For the finishing touch, a belly band modeled after Cinderella’s headband completed with a black satin or silk ribbon can be attached to the bridal shower invitations. The outcome will be truly memorable and will get the guests in a festive spirit as soon as their eye beholds the invitations.

The list of decorations that may grace your fairytale bridal shower party are not only numerous but they also ensure the use of an unconfined limit of creativity. As stated earlier, your decorations should be based on the chosen fairytale. For instance, for the Cinderella fairytale, you can decorate the venue with wreaths and bouquets of faux and real flower of various sizes. They will not only help to create a vibrant and colorful atmosphere but will also help to create a nostalgic and romantic feel. For the table centerpieces, you can curve out the flesh from the pumpkins and fill it up with a lantern and a wide variety of colorful flowers. The walls can be adorned with silk linens and sumptuous silver, blue, lavender and white fabrics. Votive candles shaped as flowers, castles, tiaras, slippers, pumpkin and other iconic images of the fairytale can be spread throughout the venue. Another inexpensive but elegant decorating item is corsages using tulle and ribbon. Glitters can be spread around them to incorporate the notion of fairy dust.

For the bride who has found her Prince Charming and is looking for a fairytale ending, a fairytale theme bridal shower party is the perfect way to celebrate such a special and joyous milestone event.

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