East Asian Bridal Shower Theme

Cherry blossoms, chopsticks, Chinese-takeout boxes, fortune cookies, paper lanterns, bamboo plants, silken hand fans, paper parasols, orchids, wooden elephants and origami constructed shapes are all symbols of a rich East Asian culture that can be incorporated into the East Asian bridal shower theme.

If just the thought of having an East Asian Bridal Shower theme for your bridal shower causes a smile to cross your face, a giggle to escape your lips or a jig to empower your feet then you’ve landed on the right web page.  From the bridal shower invitations that the guests receive down to the bridal shower favors that they take home, there are so many aspects of this culture that can be captured for a memorable bridal shower party.

The history and pageantry of the earliest Asian civilizations date back to 2500 BC.  The countries and cities of East Asia are:China(Beijing), Japan(Tokyo), North Korea(Pyongyang), South Korea(Seoul), Mongolia(Ulan Bator) and Taiwan(Taipei).  Your East Asian bridal shower could be focused on the culture and traditions of only one country or could be a healthy mix of everything that is East Asian that appeals to you. The dress code for the bridal shower event could even be an East Asian costume.

To successfully mimic the tranquil yet vibrant and colorful atmosphere of the Orient, every aspect of your bridal shower theme must highlight the symbols with simple almost casual elegance.  There is no need to send a bridal shower invitation on a flat sheet of paper, why not send it in a decorated or wrapped Chinese takeout box, or as a fan with the words printed in the folds, as part of a fortune cookie or even folded as an origami shaped object.

Origami is a Japanese word derived from ori which means folding and kami which means paper.  This modern art form started in the 17th century AD and transforms paper into shapes.  Each shape has a meaning in oriental culture and could be chosen as an expression of part of the East Asian bridal shower theme.  A crane represents happiness, long life and peace, a tortoise represents stability, structure, faith and long lasting commitment, a butterfly represents elegance, beauty, joy and happiness and the swan represents loyalty, beauty, elegance, love and happiness.  Choose the symbols used in your bridal shower wisely and use them in the backgrounds and decorations, as table pieces or bridal shower favors.

For a soft Asian décor the cherry blossoms, orchids, bamboo, colored round paper lanterns or mini lanterns with candles can be used for the backgrounds, table arrangements, tablecloths and centerpieces to impart an authentic oriental vibe, breaking away from the traditional Chinese red and gold with a color palette that recreates a more contemporary ambience.

Many of the bride’s guests will be launched into a culture which may be only slightly familiar therefore the menus although creative, must have some elements that the guests can still identify with.  It is here that the bridal planners would need to choose a menu based on the time that the event is being held and more than likely would stick to the menu from one territory and not mix the dishes for the different countries, unless the bride has a distinct preference.  Traditionally East Asian culture warranted that only an odd number of dishes are served for good luck and depending on the ages of the guests that are attending a decision would have to be made on whether to have the traditional Asian low tables with cushions or to maintain the western tables and chairs.

Asian cuisine uses many fish and seafood dishes and consideration should be paid to the guests that are allergic to seafood, to avoid any mishaps.  This means that the bridal shower planners must balance a desire to strongly reflect this theme in the menu, with a need to please both the bride and her guests.  Every native dish served on an Asian menu has a meaning, so pay attention to this as well.

The rest of the bridal shower planning for an East Asian bridal shower theme is easy from here and critical decisions would determine what aspects to portray and what to leave out.  The bridal shower gifts and favors are all thoughtful and beautiful with all the symbols of this part of Asia and can be easily bought either online or at a local store.

Hosting a shower with an East Asian bridal shower theme is always wonderful as the cultures and traditions of these territories hold everything as a symbol of great importance, so some additional research mixed with simple Asian creativity is required to bring them all to life and make this event one to be remembered for all of its symbolism.

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