Destination Bridal Shower

For the bride who has a soft spot for a special destination or wants to celebrate her honeymoon destination with her beloved friends, family members and relatives, a destination theme bridal shower party can be just the perfect way to start the beginning of a new life. If you are planning to throw a destination bridal shower party, here are some innovative and creative ideas and tips that are sure to contribute towards the creation of a special and monumental bridal shower party.

Irrespective of the reasons, when you decided upon a destination, it would be appropriate and convenient if all the aspects of the bridal shower party were to revolve around. For instance, if the destination is a beach, your choice of invitations, venue, décor, drinks, food, desserts and favor items should be complementary with the beach. Due to its wonderful scenarios and meditative atmosphere it is fairly simple to understand why beach destination themes have become trendy.

For the invitations, you can choose those that are depicting beautiful sceneries that are synonymous with a beach such as bejeweled sands, enchanting sunsets, sparkling crystal-clear waters and various others. On the other hand, you can also choose to make your own beach destination bridal shower invitations. All you have to do is purchase blank cardstock papers, print out the details of your bridal shower party using simply Microsoft Word and decorating them with colors and embellishment items such as sparkling crystals, beads, gemstones, glitters and other adornment items. Keep in mind that the presentation is also an aspect of the invitations. For a unique and captivating presentation you can purchase glass bottles, fill them half with sand, insert the invitations in the bottle and put cork on the bottle’s mouth. The memory of the presentation will be forever imprinted on everyone’s mind.

As soon as the invitations are on their way, you should select the venue. Appropriate venues can be anything from an actual beach to a beach house, hall, or any particular resident. When the venue is chosen, it should be beautified with decorating items. Decoration options are numerous. To start it off, if your venue is not a beach, you can sprinkle sand and some shells everywhere to resemble a more actual beach environment. You can also incorporate faux or real palm trees, place real or cardboard cutout surfboards against the wall and adorning the walls and ceiling with clusters of beautiful silver, golden, and blue colored balloons of various sizes and shapes.

For the menu, you should include fresh and tropical ingredients. Your drinks can include some alcoholic cocktails and some non-alcoholic cocktails like fruit smoothies, coconut water and various others. Your list of appetizer can include crab cakes, shrimp cocktails, tomatoes canapés and various other items. Your main courses can include grilled salmon with sautéed vegetables and chili crab with tortillas. Your dessert items can be fruit tarts, ice-creams and bridal shower cake.

As you can comprehend all the aspects of the bridal shower party will tend to revolve around your particular choice of destination. A destination theme bridal shower is a beautiful and vibrant way of celebrating such a monumental event.

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