Calla Lily Bridal Shower

Calla lily is a very elegant and aesthetically appealing type of flower that has graced mankind with its presence. Their beautiful and glamorous nature of the flower leaves the onlookers rooted to the spot and spellbound. Whether the bridal shower party has a formal or an informal tone to it, calla lily is perfect for the bride who has a soft spot for this particular type of flower or just a nature-oriented person in general. Their wide range of colors also enables them to be accommodated to bridal shower parties which have a specific color scheme. If you are thinking about incorporating a calla lily theme, here are some creative and innovative ideas and tips to create a calla lily bridal shower party.

If your bridal shower has a formal tone or is traditional, you should opt to incorporate mostly white calla lilies into your bridal shower party. White reflects the holiness and purity that is embedded within the bride’s spirit and soul. Soft white colored invitation cards embossed with calla lily borders encased in a white envelope are befitting of a formal or traditional bridal shower party.

For decoration purposes, there are numerous ways in which calla lilies can be incorporated to enhance the beauty and elegance of your bridal shower party. You can create beautiful white calla lily wreaths and bouquets and integrate them in your overall venue. The wreaths and bouquets can be decorated with colorful ribbons, sumptuous fabrics and other embellishment items to ensure that the wreaths and bouquets are unique and distinctive from one other. This will help to create a vibrant scenario. If you tend to use real calla lilies, you will incur relatively more cost than when faux calla lilies are made use of. On the flip side, real calla lilies are more refreshing to look at. For multiple centerpieces to adorn each table or a solo centerpiece, you can purchase a large glass vase. A bunch of calla lilies can be wrapped in beautiful ribbons, ropes and various other embellishment items to further accentuate their beauty and elegance and placed in the glass vase. If you are using faux calla lilies, you can use glue or sew additional embellishment items like sparkling silver, brooches, pearls, gemstones, glitters and various other adornments to amplify their resplendent nature. You can also personalize the guest’s tables by incorporating their pictures in photo frames that are shaped as calla lily. For the walls you can tape the flowers and/or hang pictures of them.

However, the ultimate symbol of celebration of calla lilies is rather incomplete without a calla lily shaped bridal shower cake. Bridal shower cakes are a customary part, if not compulsory, of all the bridal shower parties. Depending on various factors such as the number of the guest, bride’s preferences and budget, the calla lily shaped bridal shower cake can be single or multi-tiered.

If you share a profound love for calla lilies, a bridal shower party which is based on showcasing their beauty and elegance can be the perfect way to celebrate such a milestone event.

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