Bridal Shower Bubble Gum Game

Bridal shower parties are supposed to be a fun and enjoyable time for the bride spent with her family and friends. So whether the bridal shower is a fancy celebration or a simple affair, one of the many ways to make sure everyone is having a good time is by having bridal shower games. There are literally a huge number of games to choose from. There are simple and complex games. There are games which require the involvement of the crowd and some games which would only require the special participation of the bride-to-be. These games can be crazy and some are designed to embarrass the bride in a good-natured way but all in all, these games are designed to bring about more laughter and entertainment for everyone.

Some of the games rely on asking questions. Aside from being amusing, these games also provide an opportunity for the couple to test how much they know each other, how much their loved ones know them and a chance for others to know them better. A good example of these question-based bridal shower games is the bubble gum game, also known as the bubble gum game with questions. The bubble gum game will surely excite everybody and most especially the bride-to-be.

How to Play the Bridal Shower Bubble Gum Game with Questions

A set of 10-15 personal questions that can be asked to the groom should be prepared. The questions should be about himself, his bride-to-be, and their relationship. The questions can be written on index cards.

Before the shower, the groom should be contacted so he can be asked the questions. The groom’s answers can be written at the back of the index card with the corresponding question. The questions and their answers should remain a secret.

The number of gumballs to be used for the game should be the same as the number of questions you have prepared.

At the shower, you can have the crowd guess and write down how many answers the bride-to-be can get right. The bride’s answers must match that of the groom’s. If she gets it right, she can be given a small reward like a piece of chocolate. If she gives out a different answer then she will be given a piece of bubble gum which she has to put in her mouth.

The more gum the bride-to-be gets to chew, the harder it will be for her to articulate her answers which will make the game more entertaining. The person who guesses correctly how many answers the bride-to-be gets right will also get a reward.

What to Ask the Groom-to-be

How fun and interesting the game will be will also depend on the kind of questions you ask. You can have a mix of serious and funny questions to make it more intriguing. Here are a few examples of questions that you can use:

When did you have your first kiss?

What is the groom’s favorite band?

How does he like his coffee?

One thing the groom ONLY does because he loves you?

What habit of yours does the groom find most annoying?

If the groom were an action hero, who would he be?

Which Hollywood actress would the groom compare you to?

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