Bridal Shower Umbrella

Whenever we think of umbrellas, the thought of rain tends to invade our minds. As you already know, during downpours or light rain, umbrella is the most useful appliance to be in our possession when we are on the outdoors. If the bridal shower party is non-traditional or informal, an umbrella theme bridal shower party can be a unique and playful way to celebrate such a special milestone event. If you are thinking about planning an umbrella theme bridal shower party, here are some fun and creative ideas that you can incorporate into your thought process.

The first important aspect of the bridal shower party or any other function for that matter that you will come across is the invitations. Keeping the umbrella theme in mind, the purchase of umbrella-shaped bridal shower invitations is rather customary, if not compulsory. On the other hand, if you want to make use of your creativity, you can create your own bridal shower invitations. Creating your own invitations will not only enable you to save some money, but you can also involve your friends and family members. Keep in mind that direct involvement tends to make memories that much more special. Creating your invitations to suit your umbrella theme bridal shower party is relatively simply. All you need to do is cut out blank cardstock papers in shapes of umbrellas, print out the details and descriptions on them using simply the MS Word software and finally, decorating them with various embellishment items and colors. Keep in mind that presentations are also a part of the invitations. The aspect of presentation is often overlooked or neglected. A unique way to present the invitations is by sealing your invitations using colorful ropes and/or ribbons on small elegant looking umbrellas.

For decorating purposes, the options are numerous. You can custom make your umbrellas to accommodate the theme of the bridal shower parties and/or have it tailor-made according to the bride’s personality and style. For instance, if the theme is Garden or Nature, your umbrellas can consist of wooden handles and base. The body can be made up of entirely organic materials such as leaves, twigs, branches and colorful flowers. This can also be your solo bridal shower centerpiece. This is sure to have the guests enchanted and spellbound. On the other hand, for a bride who is upscale and high maintenance, more luxurious and sophisticated items can be used to make the umbrellas. The body of the umbrella can be made of sumptuous fabrics, silks and linens. Luxurious embellishment items such as sparkling silvers, gemstones and brooches can accentuate the beauty and sophistication of the umbrellas. Incorporating beautiful and colorful umbrellas of numerous shapes and sizes can create a vibrant and resplendent nature.

An umbrella theme bridal shower party is not completed without an umbrella shaped bridal shower cake. Bridal shower cake is a customary food item which graces all the bridal shower parties.

If you want to incorporate a completely unique theme, an umbrella theme can be just the perfect manner to celebrate such a festive and special event.

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