Bridal Shower Prayer

The bridal shower it’s a very touching moment for all the brides to be. It’s an occasion to be surrounded by their close friends and relatives and to be showered with love, good advices and gifts. Starting a new life, the life of a married woman, it’s an important step. Many brides-to-be are a little anxious about that huge step –getting married – so they need to be reassured by friends and relatives. A bridal shower prayer will bring her a lot of comfort.

Ask one of the older guests at the bridal shower to read the prayer. The mother or the bride is usually the one that perform this part of the ceremony. However, you need to check this with the bride to be. First of all, ask her if she wants a bridal shower prayer. Then, you have to ask if she wants to invite a minister or a pastor to recite the prayer. If the bride to be agrees that the prayer should be read by one of the guests, make sure you talk to that guest before the bridal shower.

Beside the prayer, there are bridal shower bible verses on love and marriage, which are perfect for a bridal shower party.  The best time for the bridal shower prayer and the bridal shower bible reading is over the meal.

When it comes to the prayer, ask the bride to be if she has a favorite prayer. If not, it’s a great idea to write a special prayer, for the bride to be and her groom. Here are some ideas on how a bridal shower prayer should look like:


“Lord, bless them with patience, so they both be calm. Bless them with generosity and understanding, so they both may share everything – good or bad. Give them wisdom and give them peace. Lay your hands on them and may they have a long, happy marriage.”


“Heavenly father, we ask you to bless our family and friends, who gathered here to celebrate the wedding of (name of the bride and groom). Be in their hearts as they prepare for the gift of marriage, and stay in their hearts forever. Help them to be kind and gentle which each other and help them to have the patience and generosity to forgive each other. Please offer them the most beautiful symbol of their blessed union: children.”


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