Bridal Shower Asking for Money Etiquette

Bridal shower guests are very likely to bring a gift to the celebration and this is most often an item included in the bride-to-be’s registry or wish list. What happens if the bride-to-be is already living with her future husband and they have managed to purchase everything that a young family needs?

It is becoming more frequent for bridal shower guests to provide money instead of gifts. Some bridal shower invitations are even designed to hint about the preferences of the bride-to-be. Naturally, the invitation itself should not be demanding money or gifts. It needs to provide very gentle hints that guests can follow.

Several ways can be utilized to collect and to provide monetary gifts. Here are the basics of the bridal shower asking for money etiquette.

What is a Money Tree?
One way to provide guests with an opportunity to give the bride-to-be a monetary gift is the provision of a money tree that is available during the entire duration of the bridal shower.

The money tree, as its name suggests, is a shape that resembles a tree trunk and its branches. What are guests supposed to do with the money tree? They stick banknotes to the branches, so that their financial gift resembles a leaf. Everybody is free to provide as much as deemed appropriate.

It may be wise to mention in the invitation that a money tree will be available during the bridal shower. Guests should know that any types of gifts and contributions will be welcomed – nobody has to feel pressed to provide a financial contribution.

The money tree is one of the simplest and most fun ways to ask for money during a bridal shower. Another opportunity is having a wishing well that will serve the exact same purpose.

Money Asking Etiquette
According to most etiquette books and manuals, requesting cash from the guests of an event is inappropriate. In fact, requesting any specific type of gift is far from the best way to deal with the issue.

Subtle ways exist to give guests indications about the types of presents that will be most welcomed and needed by the couple that is to become a family soon.

Once the host is chosen, the bride-to-be needs to make it clear that she would be happiest about monetary gifts. The hostess cannot include this exact information in the bridal shower invitation itself. She can make use of other strategies to let guests know that monetary gifts will be most appropriate.

Many of the guests will be phoning the hostess to RSVP. These people are also very likely to ask about the gifts that the bride-to-be and her future husband would like to get. This is the best moment to tell guests that the couple would prefer monetary presents.

Naturally, the money envelope should contain a card, making it clear who the gift giver is. In addition, money tends to be a rather impersonal gift. It has no soul and character. A greeting card that contains the giver’s warmest wishes is the best way to give that present some emotionality.

Monetary presents are a very good option, especially if the gift provider is uncertain about the preferences of the bride-to-be. Provided in a tasteful manner, this present will be appreciated and very useful.

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