How to Make Your Own Bridal Shower Collage

If you are making a bridal shower collage, decide if this is going to be a part of a game, or a collage that you are going to make ahead of time as a decoration, a part of the invitations, or otherwise.  If making a collage as part of the invitations, simply collect clip art on the computer or from bridal magazines and use materials such as glue to collage together different pictures for a unique bridal shower invitation.

If you would like, have each guest bring a picture of herself and with the bride and or groom.  Explain to the guests this should be a copy of a picture, especially if the picture means a lot to them.  Then when guests arrive, have a large and sturdy poster board or a series of scrap booking papers that will later be put into a scrapbook for the bride to take home, for them to attach the picture to.  Make sure the edges of the poster board are already decorated in a wedding theme.  This will create a beautiful and original piece of art for the bride-to-be to take home and cherish!

Using a collage as a game in a bridal shower is very easy to do.  First of all, gather all sorts of magazines, bridal, parent, home and garden.  Any magazine where there will be a wide variety of pictures and advertisements.  You then divide the guests into groups and they each are assigned a theme on topics related to marriage, children, honeymoon and such topics.  Be creative with your topics!  Make sure each team has enough scissors, glue and a scrap booking sheet to attach their pictures to.  Teams can cut out pictures, words, phrases and even make up a short story using these phrases.  You want to use a scrap booking sheet or a sheet that will fit into a small binder, as you will be presenting this to the bride after everyone has made their collage.

Using the above ideas is just a start to making a bridal shower collage.  If you have access to a photo printer and digital camera, you can print pictures out as you take them and assign someone to help make a collage of the bridal shower as it happens!  Make sure that the poster board that you use is already decorated in a bridal shower theme and not too large that the bride wouldn’t be able to store it in a scrapbook or a small three ring binder.  If you use multiple collages at a bridal shower, make sure the bride can take it home in a scrap book form or at least in a decorated three ring binder!

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