Bridal Shower Bible Theme

A bridal shower featuring a Bible theme symbolizes a heightened sense of spirituality and devotion. A Bible theme is perfect to incorporate into your bridal shower party if the bride is a deeply religious person and/or if you simply want to create an atmosphere of an elevated sense of purity, holiness and spirituality. A bridal shower party featuring a Bible theme can allow you and the guests to get in touch with their religious and spiritual side. If you are planning a bridal shower bible theme party, here are thoughtful and helpful ideas.

The first aspect of any bridal shower party is the wedding invitations. The wedding invitation is the first significant glimpse that the guests will have of your bridal shower party, so it is important that you start off with a great first impression. It is advisable that your invitations are cohesive and complements the theme. For a Bible theme bridal shower party, your invitations can depict a cross, crucifix, or any other symbolic and relevant objects. Your wedding invitations can also be shaped as a Bible, cross or a crucifix. The wedding invitation can also include one or multiple short verses from the Bible to further accentuate the Bible theme. It would also be convenient if the invitations contain the information about the appropriate attires. This would take the guess work of the guest’s out of the equation and they will appreciate you more for it.

Once the invitations are on their way to guests, it is time to plan an appropriate location. A suitable location for a Bible theme bridal shower party is a church or a chapel. However, if your bridal shower party cannot be arranged in a church or a chapel, then a hall or an auditorium will do just fine.

When a convenient location is decided upon, it is time to let your imagination run wild and decorate the venue. You can decorate the walls with different portraits and paintings of biblical characters such of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary and various others. You can also use portraits and paintings of angels, saints and various other symbolic characters. You can also adorn the walls and ceilings with latex balloons painted with crosses, crucifixes, doves, pelicans and various other symbolic objects. Balloons inject vibrant colors and their presence symbolizes a very festive occasion. For the tabletops you can use Church linens and decorate the table using votive candles, crystal crosses and various others.

For activities, you can read selected verses from the Bible. You can select the verses that contain some significant message that you want to convey to the bride and the guests. You can also hand out blank papers to the guests and tell them to write their favorite passage and/or scripture and how it has assisted them in their life. This cannot only serve to be a fountain of knowledge for the bride, but they also make a stack of great personal keepsakes for the bride to treasure the memories of such a special day in her life.

A Bible theme bridal shower party entails an atmosphere of purity and tranquility that is relatively unrivaled by any other bridal shower themes.

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