Bridal Shower Bells

The wedding bell is one of the most popular and vastly recognizable symbols connected to love and the union between two people. These bells have been stylized and used in many items and decorations related to love, marriage and bridal showers.

The wedding bell can easily be incorporated in the bridal shower. Bridal shower bells can in fact turn into the party theme. You can use those in every aspect of the celebration – from the invitations to the bridal shower cake.

Here are several easy and intriguing ways to incorporate wedding bells into your bridal shower planning efforts. Even if the theme is something unconnected to marriage, you can have this symbol presented.

The Wedding Bells as a Symbol
The wedding bell is a symbol having long-established traditions. The church bell rings to announce that two people have just gotten married.

This is one of the most festive moments connected to the wedding. The bell is a messenger – it announces the big transformation that has just taken place – a couple has managed to become a family.

Wedding bells have thus turned into one of the most popular symbols of love. Decorations and other items typically feature two bells – a symbol of the union between two people who have decided to spend their lives together.

The wedding bell is full of symbolism and it holds some emotional meaning for everyone. This fact turns it into an exceptionally popular item for a bridal shower. You can make the shape out of any available material and you can effortlessly incorporate it in bridal shower decorations.

Use in the Invitation
Bridal shower bells can be used in the invitation. They will add some cuteness and originality to the cards that guests will be receiving.

The invitation can be cut out in the form of a bell. This task is relatively simple and you can even make the invitations yourself. Many professional party planning companies will also have such invitations available.

Wedding bell clip art and images can also decorate the invitation. These will appear alongside the text, being an integral part of the invitation design.

The Cake
The bridal shower cake can also feature wedding bells.

The cake itself can be cut in the form of a bell or two bells. The shapes are so recognizable that all of the guests will understand the idea.

A traditional circular cake can come with wedding bell decorations made from the icing. Fondant bells will be three-dimensional and even cuter. The manner in which you decorate the cake is entirely up to you.

Bridal Shower Favors
Bridal shower favors should correspond to the wedding bells theme.

Guests may receive candles in the form of a wedding bell. Other intriguing favor ideas include wedding bells made of glass, fridge magnets, key chains or traditional silver-colored bells.

This party theme is most appropriate for traditional types of celebrations, where emphasis is placed on symbolism and rituals. The wedding bell is a cute symbol that can be used in so many creative ways.

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