Bridal Shower Bedroom Theme

The number of bridal shower themes to choose among is tremendous. Some of them are classy, others form a more intimate ambiance. The selection depends on the preferences of the guests invited to the party.

A bridal shower bedroom theme is something slightly unusual that can be interpreted in a number of ways. It can be very casual and relaxed or it can turn into a naughty event for a younger gathering of ladies.

Here are several ways to organize and hold a successful bridal shower having a bedroom theme.

Turn the Place into a Bedroom
The easiest way to organize this bridal shower is to understand the theme literally. Turn the venue into a boudoir for ladies and make the atmosphere very relaxed, pleasing and gentle.

Make sure that you mention the theme into the invitation. The shape of the card could be utilized to make a statement on its own. Use lace decorations or cut it into the form of a bed. The right color scheme is important as well – make it pastel and pale. Some of the colors you can use include pink, red, violet and purple.

Chaise-lounges can be used instead of chairs. Have blankets and soft pillows placed on each. You can even put the pillows and bed covers on the floor, giving guests a chance to sit there and to get all comfortable.

Have one buffet table instead of many small tables and chairs. You are making a bedroom, remember? Heavy curtains will add some intimacy and bedroom sensation to the party.

It is all about the Details
Tiny details will help guests feel welcomed, comfortable, as if attending a slumber party. You can think of a specific dress code that will get the ladies in the right mood.

Distribute soft slippers. Fluffy ones or slippers coming in cute shapes are the perfect way to give guests a hint about the type of party that is going to take place.

Position mirrors on the walls. Bedroom items can be successfully incorporated in the decorative efforts. To create an authentic bedroom, you will need furniture and accessories that look just right.

Foods and Drinks?
It will be best to schedule a bedroom party in the morning or the late afternoon. Finger foods will be the most appropriate choice, since any other meal will be difficult to eat in such surroundings.

Cakes, croissants, finger sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes and fruit platters are just several options that you have. A bridal shower cake features among the great ideas, as well. Drink options include coffee, tea, fresh juices and virgin cocktails.

Make It Naughty
Another way to interpret the bridal shower bedroom theme is to make the party rather naughty.

Have a focus on lingerie. The presents for the bride-to-be should follow the theme, as well. Make sure you talk to her in advance. She may feel uncomfortable about something naughtier and of explicit nature.

A bedroom-themed bridal shower can be very interesting and unusual. You are free to interpret the theme and to recreate it in any way deemed appropriate. Use your creativity. Parties come with no special rules and requirements. It is all about having fun and making something that your dear friend will like.

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