Bridal Shower Bed and Breakfast Theme

The bridal shower bed and breakfast theme can be interpreted in a number of ways. This fun and relaxing opportunity is great for casual parties and for intimate gatherings of groups of close friends.

Bed and breakfast signifies that the bridal shower will be held in the morning. Another option to look at it will be taking ladies out of town and spending some quality time together in a bed and breakfast inn.

Here are several great ideas that will turn your bridal shower bed and breakfast idea into a tremendous success.

Open Your Own Bed and Breakfast!
Transform your own home into a bed and breakfast facility. Even better, take the party to a garden or another beautiful place that will look fresh and green in the morning.

Have chaise-lounges or hammocks placed next to the tables. It is of uttermost importance to create a very relaxed and leisurely atmosphere. This is what the breakfast is all about – it gives people a chance to wake up and to get ready for a wonderful new day.

The menu should consist of breakfast options. Have cheese and ham platters, toast, pancakes, fruits and cereals available. Cookies and cupcakes will be another great option. Having a bridal shower cake is up to you.

The drink selection needs to contain coffee, tea, milk and orange juice. Other ‘morning’ beverages will be appropriate, as well.

Take Guests on a Vacation
Holding the bridal shower in a real bed and breakfast facility is another opportunity that you can make use of.

Instead of preparing the party on your own, plan a trip and have a weekend getaway together with the bride-to-be and her dearest friends. Choose a location that is easily accessible and that will remain relatively inexpensive.

A weekend getaway before the wedding day will give the bride-to-be the so-needed chance to relax and to spend some time away from organization and chaotic celebration planning efforts.

Before you decide on the idea, talk to the bride-to-be. Think about the date of the party together – it may be difficult for her to be out of town for an entire weekend. Choose the destination to meet her preferences, as well.

Inform guests that they will be attending a bed and breakfast type of party. This information is important, in order to give the guests a chance to get prepared and to look for the most appropriate bridal shower gifts.

It will be impolite to include specific gift-related instructions in the invitation itself but when calling to RSVP, guests are likely to ask about the types of presents that will be most welcomed.

A bed and breakfast party signifies that the most suitable gifts should be for bedroom or kitchen usage. The bride-to-be can either register in a favorite store or make a wish list about the items, furniture and utensils that she will be needing.

A bed and breakfast bridal shower is a relaxed type of party that will encourage interaction and will give the bride-to-be a chance to escape wedding preparations and to enjoy the company of her dearest people.

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