Bridal Shower Beach Theme

The bridal shower beach theme is an all-time favorite. The romantic sentiment and the beauty of nature connected to the beach make so many ladies select this theme for the fun celebration before the bride-to-be’s wedding day.

The beach theme is relatively easy to execute. You have several options in terms of venue, decorations and the menu.

To recreate the beauty and warmth of the beach, you will have to choose the right color scheme and the items that will give you the chance to take guests there. Here are several fun and useful ideas, if you are going to host a beach-themed bridal shower.

Take It to the Beach
Instead of trying to recreate the beach in a room or a restaurant, take the bridal shower to the seashore.

A bridal shower held during the summer will be very fun and entertaining when taken outdoors. If you live in a city that is located on the coast, you can have a real beach fiesta with the bride-to-be and her dearest friends.

Having a beach-themed bridal shower at the beach will make it easier for you to come up with decorations. You will solely need lanterns and tables having a centerpiece each. The party will be more authentic and more beautiful this way.

Choose the Right Decorations
If you have no chance of taking the party to the beach, you will have to think about the most appropriate decorations.

Several sand boxes can be placed at the entrance or in the corners of the venue that you have selected. Scatter sea shells in those. Sea shells and pebbles can also be used in the creation of table centerpieces.

Have candles in the shape of flip-flops or sea stars.

The curtains should be colored in blue or you can hang posters that present various marine landscapes. Kite-surfing, boats, yachts and diving will fit perfectly inside the theme. If the venue is big enough, you can have beach parasols and chaise-lounges.

Food and Cocktails
Food selection and the drinks will also be a part of the theme. Think about those carefully.

Focus on salads, fruits and vegetable platters. Ice cream and sundaes can carry some summertime, beach-related sentiment.

Cocktails are something that most people connect to summer heat, wild parties and nights of clubbing. You can have pre-made cocktails or you can turn this into one of the party activities. For best results, hire a professional bartender or cocktail-maker, who will be delivering attractive presentations throughout the party.

The bridal shower favors are the fun, little souvenirs that guests take home to remember the party by.

Bridal shower beach themes give you so many options in terms of favor creation or purchase.

Some of the options that you have include sea shell-shaped candles, a pair of small flip-flops, a key chain in the shape of a marine object, a fridge magnet, personalized sea shells, bottle openers in an appropriate shape or cocktail glasses.

All of these details are important, since they will create the ‘spirit’ of your party. The beach is a wonderful location that has the potential to turn into a very impressive bridal shower theme.

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