Bridal Shower Bowling Party

Bowling is an activity that everybody can enjoy regardless of age, gender, skill, performance, and training level. The game will certainly amuse and excite everyone. This activity is also a lot simpler to plan and organize, and several bowling alleys are now offering special packages and party planning services. It is certainly a no-brainer why bowling parties are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Here are things that you need to plan ahead for a bridal shower bowling party:


A month or two before the bridal shower start scouting for the best bowling alley to have your party. Look for a bowling alley which is accessible to everyone. Try to check if the bowling alley offers other activities like arcades. Ask if they have special packages for groups or special party person rates which could include shoe rental. After you have chosen a bowling alley, reserve a few lanes.


Bowling alleys usually have snack bars and menu opt ions for parties. However, most bowling alleys have greasy food and your options will be limited. Typical bowling alley food are hot dogs, pretzels, chips, pizza slices, and popcorn. So when you look around for different bowling alleys drop by their restaurants and snack bars and go over the menu. You can decide if whether you will eat at the bowling alley or not. If not, you can decide to have the after party at another restaurant or at home. Nonetheless, be sure to provide some snacks like hors d’oeuvres and refreshments while at the bowling alley.


You can have teams. You can divide the guests into teams, e.g., men versus women or just randomly divide the guests. You can decide on the teams in advance so you can include any special team instruction on the invitations. Say, team one should wear yellow, while team two will be wearing green can be indicated in the invitations. This will add more fun to the competition. Schedule three to four people per lane so it will not take too long to bowl.

Fun Twists

You can introduce some other bowling game ideas to make the party more entertaining and interesting. Fluorescent bowling is perfect if you have reserved the entire bowling alley or if no one else is around. You can ask permission to have the lights turned off and everyone will have to bowl with fluorescent balls. Another quirky idea is to bowl blindfolded. The bowlers will be assisted to the line and from there they are on their own. Blindfolded bowling is not only entertaining; this is going to be really too.

You can also give special awards and even prizes depending on your budget. Sample awards are:

*highest scoring team

*highest game

*highest cumulative score

*person with the most strikes

*person who gets three strikes in a row

*lowest game

*lowest cumulative score

Favor Ideas

Instead of asking the guests to come in a shirt that would signify their team color, you can instead give out bowling shirts for party favors. You can have a T-shirt or collared shirt printed with the name of the event, e.g. “Mark and Reese’s Couple Shower Bowling Party”, a nifty bowling logo, and perhaps the name of the person’s team if you made up team names. It will still be better if the colors differ per team.

Other favor ideas are:

* mini award trophies

*bowling pin key chain

*bowling pin shaped pens

The amount of fun people can have at a bridal shower bowling party is just unlimited. It is going to be a one crazy and fun-filled party.

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