Bridal Shower Bon Voyage Theme

If a bride is moving away to some place else for a fresh start in her life or just going away for a long vacation, adopting a Bon Voyage theme into your bridal shower party is just the perfect way to embrace this fact and give her the special farewell that she truly deserves. If you are planning to incorporate a Bon Voyage themed bridal shower party, here are some ideas and tips that are certain to contribute to a special and memorable milestone event.

The first aspect of any important event is the invitations. Invitations tend to set down the tone and mood for the upcoming bridal shower party so, instead of opting to purchase your traditional Bon Voyage theme invitations, you can use your creativity and create something far more memorable. A unique and innovative idea is to create invitations using a message in a bottle. Create a simple paper invitation using a parchment paper or scroll. Roll up the invitations and secure it with a silk rope or raffia ribbon. Insert the invitations in a plastic bottle and fill it up with sand and pebbles so the invitation is buried half-way. For an added touch of beauty, you can sprinkle some mini sea-shells. Secure the bottle firmly with a cork. Place a shipping label directly onto each bottle and your invitations are ready to be sent to the guests.

For decorations, you can adorn the walls, ceilings and the food stations with flags and memorabilia of various countries. Of course, it goes without saying that if the bride is moving to a new country, the flag and memorabilia should represent that country. Adorning the walls with sumptuous fabrics and linens adorned with flowers will help create a vibrant and enchanted atmosphere. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can adorn the walls with plastic anchors and captain’s hats. The entrance can be decorated with a huge Bon Voyage themed banner. As the guests walk in, you can ask them to write a heartfelt message for the bride. This will not only make the bride feel greatly loved but the banner can also make for a great keepsake for the bride to reflect upon and cherish her special bridal shower party.

All the activities of the bridal shower party should revolve around the bride herself. For instance, you can have a spotlight moment planned-a time to reflect about the special person the party is planned for. You can also show slides or a short film about the bride and the place she is moving or visiting. It is also a great idea to have an area set aside for photography. Here, the bride can have photos taken with all the invites and therefore, capturing the moment forever in a photo album or scrapbook. To make it that much more special, you can also set up a video camera so the guests can record a special farewell message for her.

Bon Voyage theme bridal showers tend to be very emotional and though-provoking. Whether the bride is moving abroad or going for a long vacation, you should cherish the fact that a part of her spirit will always be cemented in your heart.

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