Bollywood Themed Bridal Shower

When we think of Bollywood, we think about grandiose Hindi films incorporating a colorful mix of melodrama, laughter, musical numbers, snake charmers, elephants and sari’d women. Although, churning out seriously thought-provoking films in the same breath, what sticks more vividly to the mind is an image of the flamboyant side of Bollywood. In other words, Bollywood is all about brilliant colors, lively music and a festive atmosphere.

A Bollywood theme provides the right kind of kink for a fun and unique bridal shower. Here are a few ideas on how you can bring the Bollywood magic into your bridal shower:



As invitations are the teasers for the party, make your invitations scream, “You simply can’t miss this Bollywood party!” You will have more fun with the invitations if you do them yourself. Choose an Indian pattern or symbol for the invitations. An example would be the Indian lotus, the Taj Mahal or any rangoli pattern (rangoli is a traditional decorative folk art of India). You can also cut out elephant shapes for cards. Use gold ink for the writings and add sequins.


In your invitation, ask your guests to dress like a Bollywood star or at least to come dressed in the Indian costume to make the party more interesting.



Use sari fabric or silk to drape your tables, chairs and walls. Bright colors like orange, pink and lime are best. You can keep the lights low so you can create a more mystical feel with some scented candles, incense, flowers and Indian-inspired accents.  You can float flower heads on a shallow bowl of water. You can also set colorful rugs on the floor.


Do not forget to set the atmosphere with the right music. Visit a music store and grab at least two Indian music compilation CDs. One for the quieter parts of the shower like the meal – Indian meditation music is a suggestion – and the other one for the fun parts like games – go for Indian disco music. You can check the movie ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ soundtrack CD album.



Aside from games, you can also ask the guests to dance to a Bollywood dance tune and you can also hire an artist to do some henna tattoo for the guests.



Indian food is well-known for its spiciness, although, not all Indian food are spicy. A sumptuous Indian meal is definitely a break from the usual. Here are some Indian food that you may want to include in your bridal shower menu:

*Pappadums and Roti Bread

*Curry dishes

*Curry Puffs



* Natural yoghurt

*Steamed momos

*Prawns Rava Fry

*Chicken tikka


*Indian chip and dip



Lucky elephants are quite popular as favors for a Bollywood themed party. You can send guests home with anything from a carved wooden miniature elephant to an edible chocolate elephant. Indian women like jewelry, so another good favor idea would be bangles. You may also consider giving your guests brightly colored coin purses with Indian prints. Whatever favor you decide on you can wrap it up using a sari or brightly colored piece of silky fabric and tie it up.

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