Bohemian Bridal Shower

If you want a creative, nontraditional and laidback theme for your bridal shower you may consider throwing a bohemian style party. The bohemian style and culture is all about imagination, ingenuity and nonconformity. It celebrates life, beauty and art. It is the lifestyle free spirits choose while living life to the hilt. It advocates peace and love.

Considering what the bohemian lifestyle and culture is about, throwing a Bohemian-themed bridal shower means aspiring for a more casual, natural-looking yet chic and artsy party. So how do you put a good bohemian bridal shower together? Here are few things that you can ponder on to help you concoct your dream bohemian bridal shower.


In the true Bohemian fashion, there is no traditional venue for a Bohemian party. If you want your guests to feel the Boho spirit, hold the celebration outdoors where there is a lot of space to move around and be comfortable in, preferably somewhere close to nature like on top of a hill, at a garden, at the beach, or by a river. You can also consider throwing one during the evening at an open field under the starlit sky- Bohemian and romantic at the same time.


The adornments for a Bohemian party can be lavish or modest. You can create a hippie-like atmosphere with lots of flowers. Usually rich colors are best for decorating. Do not be afraid to mix and match – or even mismatch. Create an atmosphere that will please and promote a relaxed disposition while still maintaining the “free from care” attitude. You can hunt curio shops for an eccentric centerpiece and accents for the party. For a nighttime bridal shower, use scented candles. With all the creative bravado at work make sure you do not veer into creating a disastrous mess by employing consistency in the choice of color, pattern, accents and material.


In your bridal shower invitations instruct your guests to wear something that is Boho chic. But what is the Boho look exactly? The Boho look is, more often than not, wearing 60-70s inspired clothes with an earthy, layered, loose-fitting , and flowing look usually accompanied by accessories made with natural materials like stone and wood. You may include a picture of people in fashionable Boho wear in your invitations to give guests an idea.

Invitations and Favors

The invitations, ideally, should be handmade to match the theme and spirit of the bridal shower. Creating your own invitations gives you more room for inventiveness and artsiness, and the guests will surely appreciate the time and effort you put into making them.

For bridal shower favors go for something more eclectic and offbeat. Here are a few options which you can also opt to make yourself:

*Beaded necklaces and bracelets

*Trinket or bead box

*Scented Candles

*Flower Seed Packets

*Mini Jar Decorations



You can put a little twist in the menu by adding foreign exotic food like the Gypsy Sarma pie or by serving some vegan food. However, refrain from making your entire menu too exotic. Mix the usual bridal shower food options with the not so usual.

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