Bird Theme

Due to their symbolism, elegance and beauty, bird theme motifs are very popular and trendy. They symbolize an eternal loving bond between the souls of the bride and the groom. For the bride who is spiritual, nature-oriented or just simply adores birds, adopting the bird theme into your bridal shower party can prove to be just the perfect way to take a step towards the beginning of a new chapter and journey in your life. If you are planning to incorporate the bird theme into your bridal party, here are some wonderful, fun and creative ideas to ensure that your bridal shower party is a memorable and a special milestone event.

The first step towards ensuring the creation of a memorable bridal shower party lies within the aspect of invitations. If you want to keep things simple and traditional, you can simply opt to purchase invitation cards which depict birds. On the other hand, if you feel like being more creative, there are more options available. For instance, you can opt to purchase round or oval shaped blank cards and embellish it with brown paper crepe scraps to resemble a nest. For an added touch of beauty, you can incorporate clip arts or pictures of birds and eggs in the center. The details and descriptions of your bridal shower party can be printed on the back prior to decorations.

When the invitation cards are on their way to the guests, you should choose a suitable location (if one is not selected already). The location should be primarily based on the magnitude of guests expected to attend with the bride’s preferences also being taken into account. The location can be anywhere from an informal place such as a bridesmaid’s house or a more formal location such as a hall.

Once an appropriate location is selected, it is time to magnificently decorate it. The wide variety of birds in various colors, shapes and sizes gives you a wide scope for decorations. For creating a very vibrant and colorful atmosphere, you can adorn the walls and ceiling with sumptuous fabrics embossed with pictures of a broad range of birds. In order to accentuate the broad range of colors of the birds, all the linens can be of a light color such as white, blue, silver and various colors. In empty spaces of the room, you can place real or faux trees and embellish them with faux birds of a broad range of size, colors and shapes. In order to accentuate the beauty, the trees can be adorned with flower wreaths and bouquets. For your table centerpieces, you can create stunning and ostentatious centerpieces by simply incorporating some inexpensive items. For instance, you can purchase small wooden birdhouses and color them to match your color scheme (if you have any) and decorate them with tree branches, flowers and a string of lights. The outcome of it is certain to have the guests captivated.

By using a little bit of your imagination and ideas mentioned here, you can create a special bird themed bridal shower party that will fail to escape the memory of the guests.

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