Bridal Shower Bible Games

Bible games can make us more aware of our spiritual nature and this will help strengthen the bond between the bride and the guests. If you are planning to host a traditional Christian type bridal shower party, incorporating Bible games are rather customary. Bible games will not only help to create a very entertaining and buoyant atmosphere but they are also highly educational. Here is some fun, entertaining and wonderful Bible game ideas that is sure to contribute to a special and monumental bridal shower party:

  • Mystery Bible Characters – In order to play this game, divide your guests into teams. Place a bowl of blank 3-by-5 blank cardstock paper or cards in front of each team. Each team will write down a descriptive sentence about a character from the Bible on the blank cardstock cards or paper. Remember not to use any proper nouns! For instance, Bathsheba’s character could say, “I am a female. My son was known as the wisest man who ever lived.” The object of the game is to get the other teams to guess the correct character that you have written about. Give each team a minute to guess the correct character. After playing your desired number of rounds, add up the scores. The team with the most number of correct answers is the winner.
  • Bible Charades – Test your knowledge about the bible with this classic bridal shower game known as Bible Charade. It can serve to be a great educational game also. Use 3-by-5 cardstock papers to write your Bible charades on. Group them by category, person, place and thing. In the category of ‘person’, you can write about significant and famous Bible characters such as Jesus, Moses, Mary, Joseph, Noah, Abraham, Esther and various others. In the category of ‘places’, you can write about Jerusalem, Canaan, Jericho, Jordan River and various others. ‘Things’ are the majority of your charades and you are free to choose from any objects that are mentioned in the Bible such as grapes, sheep, altar, staff, tent and various others. Give the players 3 minutes to work out his word.
  • Bible Scavenger Hunt – If you are looking to get the guests off their feet, this is a great game for it. Before the guest arrives, hide numerous biblically symbolic items all around the place. The items can include a small bottle of myrrh, faux grapes, faux bread and various others. Divide the guests into teams and them the list of hidden items. The team that can find all the items first or the team that can find the most number of items in a record team is the winner.
  • Divine Game – Hand a name tag to each of the guests and let them write down their favorite Biblical character. When they have done so, they can wear the name tags. Encourage discussion among the guests regarding why they chose to associate themselves with that particular character. Even though it is not really a ‘game’, it can prove to be a marvelous ice-breaker and conversation starter.

The main objective of games is to allow the guests to loosen up and the Bible games mentioned here will not only do this but will also enable the guests to have a truly wonderful time.


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