Beach Bridal Shower theme

Beach bridal showers are among the easiest bridal shower themes to plan. For a bride that is fun loving and outgoing and needs a short time to unwind before her wedding day, this is the perfect bridal shower event for family and friends to get to know each other and give gifts to the bride or to the couple if a couples oriented beach bridal shower is preferred.

From the onset, it should be clearly stated on the invitation whether the event is a beach-themed bridal shower or an actual bridal shower on the beach. There is a difference. A beach-themed bridal shower could be held in a semi-outdoor setting like near to the pool in a home or hotel where the guests can move between the pool and covered accommodation. This location would make use of an outdoor bar and the dining or menu tables would be sheltered from the elements. A perfect solution for the bride that loves the beach and wants a beach bridal shower at an off season time of the year.

A beach-themed bridal shower is not difficult but requires a little more planning if the execution of the event is going to be flawless. The background decorations would have tones of greens, blues and light tans and would rely heavily on life size props such as palm trees, surfboards, fishing nets, beach chairs, umbrellas, beach towels and any other beach like gear to set the stage for the bridal shower and simulate the beach atmosphere around the pool. Many bridal shower planners also post a beach scene picture on a wall as a backdrop for picture taking opportunities during the bridal shower.

An actual bridal shower on the beach whether during the daytime or nighttime requires less decorating. The actual beach setting makes use of the natural air and the combination of sand and seawater makes the decorations in this setting simple and light-spirited. Most colors blend with the greens and tans of the beach and the bride’s favorite colors can be used to decorate the trees with over-sized ribbons, tied around the trunks of any sufficiently large trees to create a dramatic effect. The bride’s colors are then continued through the tablecloths, tableware and any other decorations being used. For the nighttime beach bridal shower, mini lights can be strung through the hedges and trees to provide an inviting atmosphere with the much required light.

Beach bridal shower invitations are normally simple designs that go along with the casualness of the theme. Many pre-designed invitations are available so there is no need to re-invent the wheel. Just choose from the designs available on the market with combination or single images of crustaceans, seashells, sea and sand, sunglasses or a beach chair. The image on the invitation dictates the direction the beach bridal shower will take and must always reflect the personality of the bride-to-be. The wording on the invitation would also be informal with a request for the guests to be dressed in beach attire, like a straw hat, sundress, t-shirt and shorts and a covered swimsuit and the call to join the bride at her special event.

Everything else about the beach bridal shower theme like the shower menu, music, favors, gifts and games are then pivoted on the key elements, the location, the decorations, the time of day for the event and the direction of entertainment mapped by the invitation.

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